AZ Formula Business Review

AZ Formula is an automated moneymaking system created by Steven Cook to help you make $2,000 per day online.

This automated affiliate marking system will do all the work for you. You don’t need experience or special skills to make money with AZ Formula.

It only takes 1 click to set up this profit system, and you are on your way to make $2,000 today.

Can Steve Crook and AZ Formula deliver on this promise? This is a business analysis of AZ Formula.

——– $$$$$ ——-

——– $$$$$ ——-

AZ Formula Business Information

Name: AZ Formula

Price: $37 + $494 Upsell

Founder: Steven Cook

Website: AZ

What Is the AZ Formula?

AZ Formula is “the world’s first ever done for you automated affiliate profit system”, according to the founder Steven Cook.

This new system requires little effort from you because all the critical tasks are automated. You only need to work on the system 15 minutes a day to make $2,000 a day or more than $10,000 a week.

AZ formula does not require any skills, training, or knowledge. Anyone can use this system.

However, from the promotional video, only 10 more people allow joining this profit system. The first 142 people already make over $10,000 per week.

The profits keep coming in week after week with this complete autopilot affiliate marketing system.

Well, everything sounds awesome. But before rushing over to join this AZ Formula system, I recommend that you read this entire business analysis to find out if this system really works or another scam to avoid.

Who Is The Founder Of The AZ Formula?

This profit system was founded by a man named, “Steven Cook”

AZ Formula Steven Cook

Steven claims to be a Guru of affiliate marketing. He has personal experience in creating many successful moneymaking systems online.

He has been developing AZ Formula for months, testing and using it for himself. Steven claims he banks $120,000 thousand dollars each month with this system.

Now he is ready to share the system with you.

This person is fake!

The reality is Steven Cook is a fake character created by some unethical affiliate marketer to promote AZ Formula. This should be a red flag #1 for all investors.

The picture of Steven Cook is a stock image available online for a few dollars.

Everything claims by Steven Cook are not real. This is simply a marketing hype to get people to purchase this profit system.

A few words of wisdom: If AZ Formula is such a great moneymaking system, then why the owner does not want to reveal his identity. This only means the system is not as good as Steven Cook claimed. It might even be a scam.

How Does AZ Formula Work?

According to the promotional video, there are only three steps that you need to do to start your online business. It is very simple and here they are:

  • Fill out the membership form and pay the $37.
  • Download the app inside the member area and activate your account.
  • Follow the step-by-step instruction to set up your system.

After completing the three steps about, the rests are taken care of by Steven and his team of technical professionals. They are on hand to help you make profits immediately.

This is an automated system, so there is no need for training or learning about affiliate marketing or eCommerce. AZ Formula will build and manage your online business for you.

AZ Formula Upsell

This system also requires two upsells to make even better profits.

If you want to make $2,000 per day, you will have to purchase the Gold AZ Package and the Platinum AZ Package for a total cost of $494.

The two upsell products are supposed to help you speed up for profit earnings.

WAIT! I thought you make profits on day one after became and AZ Formula member? Something is wrong here.

AZ Formula Business Analysis

For over 20 years making a living online, here my profile, I have never seen or witness an affiliate marketing system that can generate $2,000 in profits immediately like AZ Formula. YES, this is the first.

If this system can generate such an amazing profit, Steve Cook should be an online millionaire. Last time I checked, we still do not know who the real Steve Cook is?

There is absolutely no way a beginner can make thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing on day one without putting in any of the work.

Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online, but it requires lots of work. It also has a process that you have to help you make sales online. You cannot affiliate marketing without proper training, or at least understand the basic 4 steps of affiliate marketing works. I’ll explain the process below.

AZ Formula has too many Red Flags

Here are some warning signs that you should know when making the decision to join this moneymaking system.

Fake Owner

The picture of Steven Cook is a stock image. This is a fictitious character created by the owner.

The founder probably hired an actor on Fiverr for as little as $5 to do the AZ Formula promotional video.

Fake Testimonials

All AZ Formula income testimonials are done with actors and actresses, not real members.

These people didn’t make money with the AZ Formula. They got paid by AZ Formula to give fake testimonials.

Make Money Quick with Little or No Work.

This is a classic get-rich-quick scheme. AZ Formula is this system.

There is no software or app system that can create an automated for you. It doesn’t exist.

The internet is not that smart. You still have to do work to make money online, sorry to all those get-rich-quick dreamers.

Limited Positions

This is another classic scam technique.

AZ Formula creates a sense of urgency to push people into purchasing the system. This is the only chance to get your money. Once you leave and read online reviews, you will never buy.

Those are all the red flag warnings for you to consider. I would not buy into this system because from my experience, it will never work. But the decision to invest or not is for you to decide.

After 20 years of online experience, I can tell AZ Formula is not a good affiliate marketing system.

If you are looking to start a business online, click here for the #1 the program that I have used to build my $6,00 per month online business, no scam here.

What Is the Cost To Join AZ Formula?

AZ Formula membership cost is $37.

The program also has two upsell products with additional cost.

UpSell #1 – Gold AZ Package – $197

UpSell #2 – Platinum AZ Package – $297

The total cost for all AZ Formula is $561 ($37+$197+$297).

A program with upselling is not by itself a bad system.

AZ Formula is different. This system was designed to get you to sign up with the purpose to upsell you.

This is a bad profit system.

Notice to you: Many online reviewers told you that you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase, but this 60-day money back guarantee from ClickBank does not apply to upsells. You will get a refund for the $37, not the $494.

Is AZ Formula A Good Investment?

I would not invest in the AZ Formula system, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

A get-rich-quick system will never work. I am talking from experience.

Making money online requires work and a lot of work.

The first thing you need to become successful online is training, learning the steps of an online business.

I start my online business with a Free affiliate marketing training program. This is my best business decision.

Here is what I have discovered from the free online business training program:

The best way to start a new career or business is to learn the basic. Online business is the only opportunity that offers free basic training.

Yet! You cannot get rich with the free training program, but you will have a rich foundation to build a successful business.

Here is the training program that I have used to build a $6K per month online income.

I invite you to Join and check out this online business training program. You will have access to me so I can help you along the way. This is my free offer. Here is my profile.

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