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The Digital Worth Academy was introduced to me by another affiliate marketer looking to sell this affiliate training program.

He did not know that I have been in this online business for over 20 years. (Here is my profile)

He told me the Digital Worth Academy is the best online training program ever created. He claimed this program will teach me how to turn any website or blog into a high-income producing asset and eventually make millions flipping it.

This sounds very exciting. This is the business report on the Digital Worth Academy.

Digital Worth Academy Business Information

Name: Digital Worth Academy

Price: $1997 or $2,391 with 3 installment payments

Founder: Sara Young and Andrew Hansen


What Is the Digital Worth Academy?

The Digital Worth Academy is nothing more than another an affiliate training program with one-on-one coaching.

This training program focuses on teaching people how to build high-income producing websites which they can use to generate passive income online or sell them as digital assets.

affilorama tools

The program was designed by two professional affiliate marketers Sara Young and Andrew Hansen, with an emphasis on using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to enhance the website monetary value.

The training program consists of three components of successful affiliate marketing.

It starts with finding and identifying a profitable segment within a large niche

Follow by creating online websites or blogs and building them into a big content portfolio, the digital assets.

Finally, using the most effective and efficient SEO techniques to generate longer-term organic (free) traffic.

The Digital Worth Academy is no different than the other “4 steps to affiliate marketing success” training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

The only change here is step 3 and 4 combined into one. I will explain this below.

The Digital Worth Academy Founders

The Digital Worth Academy was launched in August 2018 by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen.

digital worth academy Sara young

Sara Young is a stay-at-home mom and a successful affiliate marketer. Her online business success started in 1995 with the Amazon affiliate program. She is considered a super Amazon affiliate. She has taught hundreds of people to achieve the same success using her affiliate system.

digital worth academy Andrew HansenAndrew Hansen is no stranger to affiliate marketing. He started his internet business in 2005. In 2007, he began to teach various online lessons such as advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and niche-based online business. He has built a successful online digital business from $10K month to $200K+ month within a few years.

These two seasoned and professional affiliate marketers have a combined of 23 years’ experience in creating online businesses with a strong focus on content-driven affiliate marketing and SEO techniques.

How Does Digital Worth Academy Work?

The focus of the Digital Worth Academy training program is on the 3 major foundations of building a successful online business, specifically Amazon affiliate business.

The training process takes about 10 weeks with one-on-one coaching with the founders and their support staffs.

Here is a quick overview of the training process.

Main Training Course

The entire course has 7 sections which divided into 30 modules for a total of 150 videos.

These videos are structured as an easy to follow step-by-step over the shoulder teaching the process of building a profitable digital asset from the ground up.

The 7 sections cover the following topics:

Finding and choosing profitable markets, niches, angles, passions – This course will help you explore and research a market niche that is perfect for you to launch an online business.

Building the Digital Asset – This covers the simple foundation of building powerful and high-value digital properties or building your own websites.

Creating Your Site’s First Content –this section covers the topics of creating and writing ranking content. Creating a perfectly targeted SEO content is the first step in earning commissions.

Growing Traffic and Authority Through Outreach – This is all about getting backlinks to improve the search ranking and traffic. It is all about exposure and promoting your new brand.

Scaling Content for Long-Term Success – The lessons are simple. If you know how to create a $76 content piece, now create 100 of them.

Link Building and Promotion with High Impact – Learn the advanced strategies of building links and promotion that will bring more visitors to your website and increase the value of the digital assets.

Analyzing, Planning and Strategy for the Future – This section teaches the importance of understanding the online business progress, the Digital Worth Academy asset building systems, and the power of scaling business success.

One-On-One Coaching Program

During the 10 weeks of training, students will receive coaching sessions with either Sara, Andrew or one of their team of coaches to guide them through the process of setting up the online business.

The coaching session is conducted through live webinars, one on one chats, support desk, forum and more.

Students will be able to ask questions and feedback on their work and training progress.

Besides the main course and coaching, the Digital Worth Academy also offers the following tools and support to help students succeed in building their own digital asset.

Digital Worth Academy Software Tools

These are proprietary software tools that will help Digital Worth Academy students to compete and gain an advantage in building their Amazon online affiliate business.

Tools to help students

  1. The Diamond Keyword Miner Plus Software: this tool help students find and identify small pockets of the market where they can easily generate high traffic and revenue.
  2. The Profit Calculator Software: this software provides a quick overview and an estimate of the monthly revenue of any niche market, so students can determine whether it’s worth to compete for that niche.
  3. The Commission Wizard V2.0 Software: this tool breaks down the large market niche to find smaller profitable niches for students to make huge profits.

Support Community

Besides coaching, the Digital Worth Academy offers a private Facebook group, forum, mastermind group, and members’ directory to help members succeed in building their online business as well as networking and relationships.

Digital Worth Academy Facebook Group – this is a place for members to connect and communicate with each other on their favorite social media platform.

Forums – there is a forum for each course where members can post questions, asking for help, and providing helps to other members.

Mastermind Groups – joining a mastermind group is highly beneficial to your training success. You have the option to join an existing group or create a new one to invite your friends

Members Directory – this is the list of all students and staffs where you can use to send private messages and request friendships.

Outsource Staff

Digital Worth Academy members also have access to experienced personals that they can hire to assist them in completing most of the tasks such as keyword research, content development, site creation, and more to help accelerate their online success.

Digital Worth Academy Business Analysis

The Digital Worth Academy is more of an Amazon affiliate marketing training program.

This is a good program for those looking to learn how to build a successful online business through promoting products, specifically Amazon products.

The Digital Worth Academy is legit, and you will learn from the professional affiliate marketers Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. These two are well-known and proven successful online entrepreneurs.

There are a few important business information that you need to know before making an investment in this program. These are:

The Digital Worth Academy does not offer web hosting services. This is an extra cost which you have to purchase from other service providers.

Coaching only lasts 10 weeks during your training. If you do not finish the training in 10 weeks, you have to learn on your own or hire an outsource staff to assist you. This is an extra cost.

This training is designed specifically for Amazon affiliate. It is not a good training if you want to build an independent affiliate marketing business or blog.

The $1,997 on time payment cost is too expensive. Maybe this is why the program was shut down just after a few weeks of launch. If you want to join the program, you have to get on the waiting list. Click here to see it for yourself.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, don’t spend over $1,000 on a training program.

I start my online business with a free training program. I grow the business into $6K per month income.

There are many good affiliate marketing training programs that offer free training lessons. These free lessons are a good way for you to test and see if affiliate marketing or online business fits you. Click here or scroll down to read my full explanation.

What Is the Cost to Join Digital Worth Academy?

You have two payment options when joining the Digital Worth Academy:

The single one-time payment will cost $1997.

The installment payment option requires 3 payments of $797.00 each for a total of $2,391.

The tools and supports are part of the program. There is no extra cost for these.

However, there will be a cost for hiring outsource staffs, if you need their help.

Notice: Digital Worth Academy is a ClickBank product. The 60-day money back guarantees from ClickBank does apply. You will get a full refund within the guarantee period.

Is Digital Worth Academy A Good Investment?

The Digital Worth Academy is a good training program, but It is not a good investment for beginners.

I have been working online as an affiliate marketer for more than 20 years. Read my profileI always advise beginners to start learning the process of affiliate marketing with a free training program.

Here’s why:

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. You should use the free training program to see if this business opportunity is what you want. Learn more

Not all training programs are the same. You should use the free training program to try first before investing.

Start learning the basic affiliate marketing to build the foundation. The free affiliate marketing training program is designed to teach you the basic. Learn the basic first before investing in advanced lessons. Click here for 10 free lessons

NO financial obligation or commitment, some free training program allows you to take as long as you need to learn and improve your skills. Digital Worth Academy 10 weeks of training is very short.

Start part-time before going full-time. Free affiliate marketing is the only business opportunity that allows you to go part-time before quitting your full-time job. Learn more

You can earn extra money. I use the free affiliate marketing training program to make extra cash for many years. You don’t want to pay over $1,000 for training if you plan to do this part-time. Learn more

Turn a hobby into a successful business. Anything is possible online. Read more.

I understand that you cannot get rich with the free training program. But I know this is the right step to start your journey to financial freedom. This is how I achieve my online business success.

super affiliate system free training

I am inviting you to check out my #1 affiliate training program. It is free to join, and I can help you along the way for free. This is my offer to you. Here is my profile.

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