Sam Branson

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Who is Sam Branson?

Sam Branson

Sam Branson is the youngest child of the famous British billionaire/entrepreneur Richard Branson.

You probably remember Sam for his roles in Superman Returns (2006).

Yes, Sam Branson is an actor and producer. However, he is more successful as an Instagram Star with over 70,000 followers.

Branson uses his social star power to pursue his passion, philanthropist. He is a well-known philanthropist and a passionate traveler.

Sam even attended the Institute for Philanthropy, studying strategic philanthropy.

He worked closely with celebrities and charitable organizations to provide supplies to those affected by the 2017 hurricane that caused devastation to the British Virgin Islands.

Sam Branson has been on multiple environmental expeditions to the Arctic. His production company often collaborates with leading broadcasters, covering and exploring social issues such as capital punishment.

Here is the true story of Sam Branson.

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Sam Branson Personal Info

Name: Sam Branson
DOB: August 12, 1985
Birthplace: Blackheath, London, United Kingdom
Education: Le Cordon Bleu London
Wife/Partner: Isabella Calthorpe
Hometown: Balinese Jungle, Bali
Famous As: The youngest child of famous entrepreneur, Virgin Group founder and British billionaire, Richard Branson.

Sam Branson Biography

Sam Branson was born in London, England, on August 12, 1985, into a wealthy family of entrepreneurs and business magnates. He is the youngest son of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman.

Richard Branson, his father, is the founder of the multi-billion dollar company Virgin.

Unlike his father, Sam Branson chooses to dedicate his life to a career in the field of philanthropy.

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Sam Branson’s Early Life And Education

Sam Branson attended St Edward’s School, the same as his older sibling, in Oxford, where he made most of his lifelong friends.

After graduating from high school in 2003, Branson attended Le Cordon Bleu London, a cooking school located in Holborn, London.


In 2005 Sam moved to the USA to learn music theory and guitar at the Musical Institute.

Sam Branson even attended the Institute for Philanthropy to study the strategic process involved in philanthropy.

Sam Branson’s Career

During his stay in the United States, Sam Branson got involved in the show biz.

He made his acting debut in 2006 in the Bryan Singer-directed sci-fi film Superman Returns.

That same year, Sam also appeared in the Robert Meyer Burnett-directed documentary film ‘Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns.’

In 2008 Branson appeared in a TV movie documentary titled ‘Bransons: Come Hell or High Water.’

His involvement in movies and production helped Sam Branson found a production company called the Current Sponge in 2009.

Branson later rebranded the company into Sundog Pictures.

Sundog Pictures often collaborates with leading broadcasters to create content exploring social issues around the world, such as capital punishment.

In 2021 Sundog Pictures transformed into a new global studio, HiddenLight Productions.

Sam co-founded HiddenLight Productions alongside former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

During his career, Sam produced a documentary showing the effects of the hurricane and how the British Virgin Islands people worked towards rebuilding their lives.

Branson has also been on multiple environmental expeditions to the Arctic. One of the most notable ventures is the 1,400 miles, three-month, dogsled expedition to the Arctic to raise awareness of climate change.

Beyond filmmaking and music, Sam Branson also has an active interest in the Virgin group, helping to tell the story of Virgin as a force for good in the world.

Sam Branson’s Net Worth

According to various Online resources, Sam Branson estimated net worth is less than $18 million.

They calculate his net worth using the income from his primary career as a movie producer and Instagram Star.

As the son of Richard Branson, a travel mogul with a fortune of more than $5 billion, we believe the $18 million net worth of Sam Branson is too low.

A large amount of revenue generated yearly by all the companies under the Virgin Group and HiddenLight Productions would place his net worth in the billions.

Although, we cannot add assets from the Virgin Group to his net worth today. But Sam Branson is likely to inherit this fortune in the future.

Sam Branson Family

Sam Branson Biography

Sam Branson is the son of famous British entrepreneur Richard Branson, founder of the multi-billion dollar company Virgin. His mother is Joan Templeman.


He is the younger among the couple’s two kids.

His older sister, Holly Branson, is the Chair of the Virgin Group’s foundation and a trustee and founder of Big Change Charity, a UK-based charity company.

Sam had an older sister before Holly, but sadly, she passed away during the first few days after her birth due to complications in childbirth.

Sam Branson is close to his father. In 2018, he accompanied his father on a journey across Western Europe when the father-son duo survived falling rocks while climbing the Mont Blanc Mountain in the Alps.

Richard Branson later said that he and his son were seconds away from certain death.

Sam Branson’s Wife (Partner)

Sam Branson Biography

Sam Branson married an English socialite, actress, and model named Isabella Calthorpe in 2013.

Her full name is Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. She was born on March 3, 1980.

Their wedding ceremony was held in South Africa at his father’s private safari lodge near Kruger National Park.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were a few high-profile guests attending the wedding.

Sam Branson Children

Two years after tying the knot, Sam Branson announced that he expects his first child on the Virgin website.

In February 2015, Isabella Calthorpe gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter, Eva-Deia Branson.

Sam Branson soon welcomed his son, Bluey Rafe Richard Branson, who was born into this world on the 18th of January 2017.

Today, the couple with their kids split their time living between London and Bali.

Sam Branson Biography

Sam Branson Accomplishments

  • In 2010 Sam Branson founded Big Change. The charity connects and supports organizations that help to create positive change for young people.
  • In 2012 Sam founded Sundog Pictures, a production company created to deliver challenging, entertaining, and informative content, to tell stories that matter, and bring new audiences to important topics.
  • In 2017 Sam Branson traveled to the British Virgin Islands to help those affected by Hurricane Irma.
  • In 2018, he accompanied his father on a trek across Western Europe.
  • In 2018 Sam Branson moved to Bali to pursue his philanthropic passions.

That’s Sam Branson’s Bio.

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