Alex Tew

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Who is Alex Tew?

Alex Tew - Alex Tew Biography

Alex Tew is famous for creating The Million Dollar Homepage in 2005, at the age of 21.

The Million Dollar Homepage sold internet advertising space at $1 a pixel. It went viral, and Alex Tew earned $1 million in just four months.

This success motivated Alex to drop out of college and pursuit his dream of entrepreneurship.

Currently, Alex Tew is a Co-Founder and CEO of the billion-dollar company, Calm.

Calm offers meditation products, including guided meditations and Sleep Stories designed to help relax and calm the user’s mind.

To learn more about his serial entrepreneur success, you should read this Alex Tew biography.

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Alex Tew Personal Info

: Alex Tew
DOB: June 8, 1984.
Birth Place: Wiltshire, England
Education: University of Nottingham
Wife/Partner: Single
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Famous As: Founder of the Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew Net Worth

Alex Tew has an estimated net worth of $100 Million.

Tew became an internet millionaire at the age of 21 by creating the Million Dollar Homepage.

After the first success, Tew founded several websites, including Pixelotto and PopJam, but both failed.

In 2012 Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith launched a website called, Calm.

According to the CNBC, the valuation of Calm company is $1 Billion.

Most of Alex Tew’s net worth comes from Calm.

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Alex Tew Childhood Life

Alex Tew was born and grew up in Wiltshire, England.

After graduating from high school in 2002, he pursued a career in beatboxing instead of going to college.

Alex created his first website,, an online beatboxing forum where participants in the discussion could gain insights into how to make various sounds for beatboxing.

Alex soon realized that he could not grow into a profitable business without property training.

In 2005, he enrolled at the University of Nottingham, pursuing a BA degree in Business Administration.

Alex Tew didn’t want to get in debt with student loans. So, in 2016, he dropped out of college to focus on his entrepreneurial journey.

Partway through his education at Nottingham University, Alex created the Million Dollar Homepage.

Million Dollar Homepage was a site that sold digital advertising space at $1 a pixel. The site went viral, and Alex made $1 million in just four months.

Alex Tew created others ventures, Pixeletto, PopJam, and One Million People, which all failed.

A friend, Michael Birch, asked Alex Tew to come and work for him at his tech incubator, Monkey Inferno, in San Francisco. He left London and moved to the US.

After less than a year working for Michael Birch, Alex Tew was off to start Calm.

Alex Tew Family

We know Alex Tew came to the USA from England.

There is little information about his family available online. He has never talked about his parents or siblings.

Alex Tew currently lives in San Francisco. He claims to be single and unmarried.

However, we can’t confirm his relationship either.

We will update this section when we receive more information on the Alex Tew family. Please check back often.

Alex Tew Accomplishments

  • In 2002 Alex Tew launched his first venture
  • In 2005 Alex founded Million Dollar Homepage selling digital ads for $1 per pixel. He became an internet millionaire in just four months.
  • In 2006 Alex Also founded Pixelotto, which was closed in 2015.
  • In 2008 Alex launched Popjam, an online news aggregation platform allowing users to discover and share funny content. It was closed in 2011.
  • In 2012 Alex Tew and Acton Smith founded Calm. Calm is an app for meditation and stress relief. According to the CNBC, the valuation for Calm is $1 Billion.

That’s Alex Tew Bio.

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