Warren Buffett

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Who is Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist from Omaha, Nebraska. He is the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate holding company that owns numerous businesses across a range of industries.

Buffett is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors of the 20th century and is known for his long-term value investing approach.

Warren Buffett has pledged to donate the lion’s share of his billion dollars fortune to The Giving Pledge, a commitment he made in 2010 with Bill Gates.

This is the true story of the billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

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Warren Buffett Personal Info

Name: Warren Buffett
DOB: August 30, 1930.
Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Education: University of Nebraska & Columbia Business School.
Wife/Partner: Ted Jorgensen.
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska.
Famous As: The most successful investor of the 20th century and is known for his long-term value investing approach.

Warren Buffett’s Early Life And Education

Warren Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1930 to Leila and Howard Buffett. His father was a stockbroker and later served as a U.S. congressman.

Buffett showed an interest in business and investing from a young age. By the time he was a teenager, he was already making money delivering newspapers and selling golf balls.

Buffett attended public schools in Omaha and showed a talent for math. He saved up money and made his first investment at the age of 11, buying three shares of Cities Service Preferred for himself and three for his sister.

Warren Buffett saved over $5,000 from his various jobs by the time he finished high school.

Buffett went on to attend the University of Nebraska, where he studied business and economics. He graduated in just three years.

After college, Warren applied to Harvard Business School but got rejected. Instead, he decided to attend the Columbia Business School in New York City, where he studied under Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing.

At Columbia, Buffett learned the principles of value investing and developed his own investment philosophy. He graduated with a master’s degree in economics in 1951 and went to work for Graham-Newman Corp. as a securities analyst. It was during this time that Buffett began investing on his own.

Warren Buffett eventually left Graham-Newman to start his own investment partnership in 1956.

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Warren Buffett’s Career

Warren Buffett’s career in investing and business began in the 1950s, when he worked as a securities analyst for the investment firm Graham-Newman Corp.

There, he developed his own investment philosophy, which focused on finding undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and holding onto them for the long term.

This investment strategy became known as value investing and would become the cornerstone of Buffett’s investment strategy.

In 1956, Buffett left Graham-Newman and started his investment partnership with a friend, using $105,000 of his own money and $100,000 from family and friends.

Over the next decade, Buffett’s investment partnership would grow with notable investments, including the textile company Berkshire Hathaway, which he eventually acquired in 1965.

Under Buffett’s leadership, Berkshire Hathaway transformed from a struggling textile company into a highly successful conglomerate holding company that owns a diverse range of businesses, including insurance company Geico, candy maker See’s Candies, and energy company MidAmerican Energy.

Buffett’s investment approach and management style have turned Berkshire Hathaway into one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world.

Throughout his career, Warren Buffett has been recognized for his investment success and business acumen.

Warren Buffett’s Investment Philosophy

Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy is based on the principles of value investing, which involves identifying undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and holding onto them for the long term.

This investment strategy is often described as “buy and hold” investing. Buffett tends to hold onto his investments for years, if not decades, rather than trading them frequently.

One of the key principles of Buffett’s investment philosophy is to focus on the intrinsic value of a company, rather than its stock price.

Warren Buffett looks for companies that have a strong competitive advantage, a solid management team, and long-term growth potential. He places a high value on companies that generate consistent cash flow and have a history of paying dividends.


Buffett also emphasizes the importance of the margin of safety in investing. This means that he looks for companies that are selling at a discount to their intrinsic value, giving him a margin of safety in case the company’s performance doesn’t meet his expectations.

By buying stocks at a discount, Buffett is able to minimize his risk and maximize his potential return.

Another important aspect of Buffett’s investment philosophy is his emphasis on investing in what he understands. He tends to avoid investing in complex financial instruments or industries he doesn’t fully understand.

Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy is centered around a long-term, value-based approach that prioritizes the intrinsic value of a company, margin of safety, and investing in what he understands.

Warren Buffett’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Warren Buffett’s real-time net worth is $105.9 billion, according to Fobes.

The majority of Buffett’s wealth comes from his holdings in Berkshire Hathaway, of which he owns over 18% of the outstanding shares.

Berkshire Hathaway’s stock price has been steadily increasing over the years, contributing to Buffett’s substantial wealth.

It’s worth noting that Buffett has donated billions of dollars to various charitable organizations and plans to continue doing so throughout his lifetime.

Warren Buffett’s Personal Life

Warren Buffett’s personal life is characterized by his simple lifestyle and strong family values. He lives a relatively modest life, despite his immense wealth.

Buffett still lives in the same house he purchased in Omaha, Nebraska, in the 1950s.

In his personal life, Buffett is also an avid bridge player and enjoys playing the game with his close friends.

Warren is a baseball fan and a longtime supporter of the Omaha Storm Chasers, a minor-league baseball team in Omaha, Nebraska.

Buffett is also known for his philanthropy, having donated billions of dollars to various charitable organizations over the years, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and his charitable foundation, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.

Warren Buffett Parents

Warren Buffett is the son of Leila and Howard Buffett.

Leila Stahl Buffett was a homemaker, and Howard Buffett was a stockbroker and member of Congress.

Warren’s father, Howard, was a well-known figure in Omaha. He was active in local politics and served as a member of Congress for four terms.

Howard was also an investor and had a significant influence on his son’s early interest in the stock market.

Warren’s mother, Leila, was known for her kindness and generosity. She instilled in Warren a strong sense of ethics and values that would guide him throughout his life.

Both of Warren’s parents had a significant impact on his life as an investor and philanthropist. He has credited his parents with instilling in him a love of learning and a passion for giving back to others, values that continue to guide his work to this day.

Warren Buffett Siblings

Warren Buffett has two sisters: Doris Buffett and Bertie Buffett Elliott.

Doris Buffett, born in 1928, is known for her philanthropic work and has established several charitable foundations, including the Sunshine Lady Foundation, which provides support to underfunded causes and organizations.

Bertie Buffett Elliott, born in 1932, has lived a more private life and is less well-known than her siblings. She has reportedly maintained a close relationship with her brother, Warren, over the years.

Despite their different paths in life, Warren has spoken fondly of his sisters and the role they played in his upbringing.

Warren Buffett’s Wife (Partner)

Warren Buffett Biography

Warren Buffett was married to Susan Thompson Buffett from 1952 until she died in 2004.

Susan Thompson Buffett was a philanthropist and political activist who was involved in several charitable causes throughout her life. She was a member of the board of directors of Planned Parenthood.

Following Susan’s death, Warren began a relationship with his longtime companion, Astrid Menks. The two married in 2006 in a private ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska.

Astrid Menks is a native of Latvia who worked as a waitress at one of Warren’s favorite restaurants in Omaha. She is a private person who has largely avoided the public eye.

Despite their different backgrounds, Warren and Astrid share a love of bridge and reportedly enjoy playing the game together.

Warren Buffett Children

Warren Buffett has three children:

Susan Alice Buffett

Susan Alice was born in 1953. She is known for her philanthropic work and has served on the board of several charitable organizations, including the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named after her mother.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation focuses on supporting reproductive health and education initiatives, as well as other causes related to social justice and environmental sustainability.

Howard Graham Buffett

Howard was born in 1954, Howard is the second child of Warren and Susan Buffett. He is a farmer who has focused much of his career on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.


He is the CEO of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which supports a range of initiatives related to food security, conflict resolution, and economic development around the world.

Peter Buffett

Peter was born in 1958. He is a musician, composer, and philanthropist who has focused much of his work on issues related to social justice and Indigenous rights. He is the co-chair of the NoVo Foundation. The foundation works to support initiatives related to gender equality and other social justice issues.

All three of Warren’s children have followed in their parent’s footsteps by becoming active in philanthropy and working to support a range of causes related to social justice, education, and environmental sustainability.

They have each pursued successful careers in their own right and have become leaders in their respective fields.

Warren Buffett Biography

Warren Buffett’s Challenges and Obstacles

Despite his remarkable success as an investor and businessman, Warren Buffett has faced many challenges and obstacles throughout his life and career.

  • Early failures: Warren struggled to find success in the stock market early on. He lost money on several early investments and was often criticized for his unconventional approach to investing.
  • Personal struggles: Warren has faced personal struggles throughout his life, including a difficult relationship with his father and the loss of his first wife, Susan, to cancer in 2004.
  • Market volatility: As an investor, Warren has weathered several market downturns and crises, including the 2008 financial crisis, which saw many investors lose significant amounts of money.
  • Business challenges: Despite his success as an investor, Warren has faced challenges in his business ventures, including the failed merger of Berkshire Hathaway and Salomon Brothers in the 1990s.

Despite these challenges, Warren has remained committed to his core principles of value investing. He continues to grow his fortune and make significant contributions to philanthropic causes.

Warren Buffett Accomplishments

Warren Buffett is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in history. He has accomplished a great deal throughout his life and career:

  1. Building a successful investment firm: Warren built Berkshire Hathaway into one of the largest and most successful investment firms in the world, with a market capitalization of over $600 billion.
  2. Providing strong returns for investors: Warren has consistently delivered strong returns to investors, with an average annual return of 20.5% from 1965 to 2020.
  3. Philanthropic contributions: Warren has made significant contributions to philanthropic causes, including donating over $39 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and establishing the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which supports reproductive health and education initiatives.
  4. Business leadership: Warren has served as a board member or chairman of several successful companies, including Coca-Cola, American Express, and The Washington Post Company.
  5. Influence on investing: Warren’s investment philosophy and approach to value investing have had a significant impact on the world of investing and finance. He inspires countless other investors and business leaders.

These accomplishments have made Warren a widely respected and admired figure in the business community.

Warren Buffett Recognition and Awards

Warren Buffett has received numerous awards and honors throughout his life and career.

  • Warren received the Horatio Alger Award in 1989 in recognition of his success despite humble beginnings.
  • Warren received the American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award in 1996 in recognition of his outstanding achievements in business and finance.
  • Warren was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 1999 in recognition of his influence on the world of business and finance.
  • Warren has consistently been included on Forbes’ Billionaire List, which ranks the world’s wealthiest individuals.
  • In 2003, Warren was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship in recognition of his contributions to philanthropy and his commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Warren was awarded the Benjamin Graham Value Investing Award in 2010 in recognition of his contributions to the field of value investing.
  • In 2011, Warren was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, for his contributions to business and philanthropy.

These awards and honors reflect the significant impact that Warren has had on the world of business, finance, and philanthropy and his contributions to society more broadly.

That’s the true story of Warren Buffett.

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