Tom Wang

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Who is Tom Wang?

Tom Wang Biography - Tom Wang of Amazon FBA

Tom Wang was born and raised in China. He immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 10 in 2001.

Tom Wang has always tried different ways to make side income, from flipping watches at a night market to selling hoverboards on Craigslist.

He started the first business selling school utensils to second graders.

After graduating from college, Tom worked at a 9 to 5 job selling ads for the Yellow Pages.

In 2015, Tom bought 15 hoverboards from China for $300 each to resell online for $500 each.

However, 10 of the hoverboards delivered were defective. Tom Wang lost his last $5,000 investment.

During the hoverboards experience, Tom met a guy who sold products on Amazon. He partnered up with him to sell on Amazon. It was the first time that he learned how to sell products on Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA was the only venture that proved successful. Tom Wang eventually quit his corporate job to sell products on Amazon.

Since January 1st, 2017, Tom has generated over $10 million selling physical products on Amazon.

You can found Tom featuring on top Amazon podcasts such as Viral Launch and Helium10.

Tom Wang also offers an Amazon coaching business to mentor others on the process of starting and running an Amazon FBA business.

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Tom Wang Personal Info

Name: Tom Wang
DOB: 1991
Birth Place: Harbin, China
Education: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada
Wife: Christina Wang
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Famous As: eCommerce Entrepreneur and Founder of Amazon FBA Masterclass.

Tom Wang Net Worth

Tom Wang estimated net worth is around $10 million.

We calculate Tom’s net worth using reports from Wikipedia and other online resources.

The exact Net Worth of Tom Wang is unknown because the information is not available to the public.

However, we knew that Tom Wang and his wife made millions from selling their Sdara Skincare company to Thrasio.

The majority of Tom Wang’s net worth today is from his Amazon FBA coaching business. He has coached thousands of people on how to sell on Amazon.

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Tom Wang Childhood Life

Born and raised in Harbin, China, Tom Wang always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Wang started his first business in second grade selling pens, pencils, and notebooks to his friends.

Ever since then, Tom has always wanted to start a business.

At the age of 10, Tom Wang immigrated to Canada with his family to search for a better life.

However, he has never lost his love of becoming an entrepreneur.

After graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BICT), Tom went to work as an ads salesman for the Yellow Pages.

While working the 9 to 5 job, Wang started countless businesses, from selling watches at the local night market to selling hoverboards online, none of the ventures ever became successful.

Then, a friend introduced Tom to a guy who sold products on Amazon FBA. They partnered up to launch an Amazon FBA business. It was the first time Tom Wang learned how to sell on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon was not easy at the start. Tom failed twice launching new products on Amazon. He wanted to quit the Amazon FBA business.

But Christina, his wife, encouraged Wang to give it another shot. Together the couple launched Sdara Skincare on Amazon FBA in 2017.

Sdara Skincare was the venture that proved successful. This Amazon FBA business generated over $8 million in sales revenue each year.

I quit his full-time job to sell physical products on Amazon. He has also launched an Amazon FBA coaching business where he has taught close to a thousand people how to sell on Amazon.

Tom Wang Family

Tom Wang Parents

Tom Wang’s mother worked as a schoolteacher, and his father had an ordinary job as an office clerk.

Tom’s parents were hard workers. At one point, his mother worked three jobs to support the family.

Even after going all-in, they could not make enough money to sustain house expenses. There were times when affording a $20 meal became a challenge for Tom and his family.

Gradually, as the situation improved and the Wang family started to get on their feet, they bought an apartment in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom Wang Wife (Partner)

Tome Wang’s wife, Christina Wang, was his biggest supporter during hard times. She was the one who encouraged Tom not to give up on his dream as an entrepreneur.

Before they were married, Christina Wang became Tom’s business partner. Together they launched a multi-million dollars Amazon FBA business, Sdara Skincare.

Tom Wang married Christina after many years of working together as a business partner.

Tom Wang Children

Tom Wang doesn’t have any children at the time of writing this biography. He is a married man. We expect him and his wife to have children at some point.

We will update our report when Tom and Christina expect a child.

Please check back for updates.

Tom Wang Accomplishments

  • In 2017, Tom Wang launched Sdara Skincare, an Amazon FBA business. The company generated over $8 million in sales revenue each year.
  • In 2019, Tom Wang started the Amazon FBA Masterclass to teach others how to sell on Amazon.
  • In 2021, Tom Wang sold Sdara Skincare to Thrasio for a seven-figure profit. The sale made him an internet millionaire.

That’s Tom Wang Bio.

Check back for updates!

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