Robby Blanchard

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Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard - Commission Hero

Robby Blanchard is the most successful affiliate marketer. He is well-known for creating the Commission Hero training program.

He was named the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world for the 2019 competition.

Robby didn’t begin his career as an affiliate marketer.

After earning an MBA from Fitchburg State College, Blanchard opened a fitness gym, CrossFit Reach.

The first time Robby learned affiliate marketing was when he tried to promote his gym with Facebook ads. He discovered that he was good at it.

Using Facebook advertising Robby grew CrossFit into one of the most successful and profitable gyms in the country.

As Robby got more involved with the online business, he decided to try his affiliate marketing.

Blanchard entered the 2019 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing competition. He dominated the affiliate contest and was named the #1 ClickBank affiliate marketer.

Robby Blanchard has since received numerous awards for his immense success in affiliate marketing.

He has gained a reputation in the affiliate marketing industry for his proprietary Facebook advertising affiliate marketing methodology.

Within a few short years, Robby becomes an expert in Facebook marketing across multiple industries. Other online business owners started coming to him to help them scale up their businesses.

So, Robby Blanchard started the Blanchard Media group to teach others the art of affiliate marketing and paid advertisements.

Commission Hero is his most popular affiliate marketing training program.

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Robby Blanchard Personal Info

Name: Robby Blanchard
DOB: May 19, 1986
Birth Place: Massachusetts, US
Education: Fitchburg State College
Wife: Mariath Rosa
Hometown: Lowell, Massachusetts
Famous As: Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero.

Robby Blanchard Net Worth

Robby Blanchard is an internet millionaire. He makes money from teaching affiliate marketing to others.


Blanchard estimated net worth is less than $5 million.

We calculate his net worth by gathering information from Wikipedia and other online sources.

We don’t know the exact Net Worth of Robby Blanchard because the information is not available online.

Robby Blanchard ассumulаtеd hіѕ wealth frоm a саrееr аѕ аn affiliate marketer, mostly from his affiliate marketing course, Commission Hero.

Blanchard has a YouTube channel with over 35.5K subscribers and 824,000 views. This digital asset hаѕ furthеr bооѕtеd hіѕ nеt wоrth.

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Robby Blanchard Childhood Life

Robby Blanchard was born on May 19, 1986, in Massachusetts, United States.

He attended Fitchburg State College, where he studied exercise science and went on to earn his MBA.

After graduating, Robby took his passion for fitness and opened his gym, CrossFit Reach.

He started promoting his gym with paid advertising on Facebook to find customers. It was the first time that he got started with an online business. Robby discovered he had a knack for it.

Facebook targeting and ad campaigns allowed Robby to grow his CrossFit gym into one of the most successful and profitable in the country.

Robby Blanchard continued to learn and refine his affiliate marketing strategies and tactics. He used them to grow his online and offline businesses.

Then, in 2019 he decided to enter the ClickBank affiliate marketing competition. Blanchard dominated the affiliate contests using his proprietary Facebook advertising methodology.

Robby Blanchard won the competition and was named the #1 ClickBank Affiliate Marketer of the year.

That’s how Robby Blanchard got started with affiliate marketing.

Robby Blanchard Family

Robby Blanchard Parents

Robby Blanchard doesn’t talk much about his parent.

From one ClickBank interview with Blanchard, we found out his parent are teachers.

As teachers, the Blanchard earned modest salaries. Robby didn’t have much growing up. The family always struggled to make ends meet.

When Robby won the ClickBank affiliate marketing contest, he spent over $40,000 per day on Facebook ads. It was more than an annual salary for a teacher.


Blanchard says: “it was just crazy for me to get to the point where I was spending thousands of dollars a day on Facebook.”

Robby Blanchard Wife (Partner)

Robby Blanchard married Mariath Rosa on July 1, 2017.

We don’t have a lot of information on Mariath Rosa.

You can check back for updated information on Rosa later.

Robby Blanchard lives with his wife and children in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Robby Blanchard Children

Robby Blanchard prefers to keep his children out of the limelight. There is relatively little known information about Mr. his kids.

We know Blanchard has a daughter named Alice Blanchard. She is likely to inherit his fortune in the future.

Robby Blanchard Accomplishments

  • Robby Blanchard started his first business, CrossFit Gym, right after graduating from college.
  • In 2015 Robby launched the 6WeekShred fitness program and started selling it online.
  • In 2017 his businesses generated $10,000 per week on the ClickBank affiliate platform.
  • In January 2019, Robby Blanchard entered the ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Leaderboard Competition. He won and was named the #1 ClickBank affiliate marketer of that year.
  • At the peak of his profession, Blanchard Robby claimed of making up to $50,000 affiliate commission a day, something that only Robby Blanchard knows the truth.
  • In 2020 Robby launched the 3-Step Affiliate Marketing training program to teach people the art of paid affiliate marketing.

That’s Robby Blanchard Bio.

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