Raphael Vargas

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Who is Raphael Vargas?

Raphael Vargas - Raphael Vargas biography

Raphael Vargas went from living with his mom and brother in a crime-ridden area of the D.C. metro area to sustaining a lavish lifestyle for himself and his family.

He became a millionaire through the ability to learn and adapt.

Raphael Vargas made his millions by flipping houses and building a rental portfolio which allowed him to launch a Real Estate education program called Real Empire.

But success didn’t happen overnight. Vargas was working odd jobs at the age of 20 when he met a man who told him that he made money wholesaled houses.

Raphael told the man he wanted to learn. He charged him $3,000 and disappeared. He robbed Raphael Vargas his entire life-saving.

Losing all his money, Raphael Vargas relied on free information from YouTube videos and podcasts to learn real estate investing.

It took Vargas nine months of hard work to close his first deal, which brought in $30,000 of profit.

After that first deal, Vargas’ confidence grew.

Within three short years, at 25 years old, Raphael Vargas has successfully built a multi-million dollars real estate brokerage firm, doing flipping and wholesaling of properties in several markets.

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Raphael Vargas Personal Info

Name: Raphael Vargas
Date of Birth: September 16, 1991
Birth Place: Washington, DC.
Education: High School Dropped Out
Wife/Partner: Single
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Famous As: Founder of a real estate education program called ‘Real Empire’.

Raphael Vargas Net Worth

Many online sources report the net worth of Raphael Vargas as around $5 million. This estimated net worth for Raphael is too low.

We believe Raphael Vargas estimated net worth is more than $15 million.

According to his Instagram, Raphael Vargas is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has rental properties portfolio valued at more than $15 million.

Raphael Vargas also said that he and his partner, Dylan Baker, earn over $10 million a year from their Amazon Automation business.

Besides the rental portfolio and the Amazon business, Raphael Vargas has a Forex fund worth more than $1.2 million.

With all these assets, it’s safe to say Raphael Vargas’s net worth is over $15 million.

No one knows the exact net worth of Raphael Vargas. But for sure, he is a self-made millionaire.

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Raphael Vargas Childhood Life

Raphael Vargas’s story was far from what you’d expect from someone so successful.

At the age of 17, Raphael was kicked out of high school due to drug charges and constantly getting into fights.

Raphael had to attend an alternative school of 8 students, mostly gang members, and drug dealers. He almost lost his life twice at the age of 18 to gang violence.

Starting at age 11, Raphael performed jobs such as washing cars, providing landscaping services, and working in restaurants.

Vargas dreamed of becoming a millionaire to provide a better life for his mother and disabled brother. He was destitute and alone at 20 years old, brainstorming for methods to generate money in his mother’s basement.

Then Raphael met a man who told him that he made money flipping houses. The stranger charged Raphael $3,000 to learn. After taking the money, he disappeared.

Vargas learned everything he needed to begin his real estate investing business from YouTube and free resources online.

His first deal came nine months later and raked in $30,000 in profit.

The business expanded exponentially within the first three years, going from only two deals in the first year to making $1.2 million in its third.

The company expanded into Tampa, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, and Baltimore.

Raphael became a millionaire at 24.

Raphael Vargas Family, Wife (Partner)

The only family members that Raphael Vargas mentions a lot are his mother and brother.

Raphael is trying hard to protect his family from the public.

There’s no information about his wife or girlfriend online.

Recently, Raphael Vargas introduced his newborn daughter to the public. Below is a picture of his daughter.

Raphael Vargas daughter - Raphael Vargas bio

Since Raphael does not mention a wife, we assume he is single.

If we receive any news about his family, we will report them to you here.

So check back for an update.

Raphael Vargas Accomplishments

  • At 21 years old, Raphael Vargas founded Ace Equity Pros., a Real Estate Investment company that flips houses.
  • Raphael Vargas made his first million dollars at the age of 24.
  • In 2020, Raphael Vargas launched Real Empire, a Real Estate education business teaching about flipping houses and building a rental portfolio.
  • Raphael Vargas founded Real Ecom. This Amazon Automation business generates $10 million a year in revenue.
  • In late 2020, Raphael Vargas formed a private Hedge Fund primarily trading in the Forex Market called Real Rise Capital.

That’s Raphael Vargas Bio.

Check back for updates!

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