My Financial Freedom Experiences

Welcome to my home! I am glad that you are here and reading the story about my financial freedom adventure. I hope my story can inspire you to continue your quest for your own online success.

My financial freedom experiences

I began my quest to search for ways to achieve financial freedom like everyone. I started on Google.

I wasted three months, looking for the right internet business to start. I found hundreds and thousands of opportunities both free and paid. I tried dozens of them but failed miserably. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to promote e-book and other MLM products with ZERO in return for my investments.

After one year of chasing after financial freedom, I was burned out and depressed. I gave up and quit.

About a year and a half later, I started the process to find financial freedom online again. This time I had a business idea, training puppies.

I thought that I knew everything about setting up an online business, so I began registered for a domain name and started building my own e-commerce website. I wasted days and nights to build a beautiful website.

I when out and network to build suppliers for my internet business. I wasted thousands of my hard-earned dollars to transform my idea into an online business. Then came the launch day, I was excited! My website was up and running. Now I just sit back and wait for the order to come, so I thought.

I waited for days, weeks, and then months, nothing happened. For the next six months, I only sold three items….For six months, I lost everything again. I could not pay for my hosting, so my website went dead.

Then came the third try. This time, I was determined to achieve this financial freedom dream. But to do so, I had to find out why I could not achieve success like other people.

I started searching for the missing piece of my online business plan. I knew that I had started with a great market niche, then built a powerful e-commerce website, then I discovered that I need traffic. I had no traffic to the website because I did not have a Marketing plan. I failed to advertise my online business, so I had zero sales.

Why do I want to share my financial freedom experience with you?

I want you to understand that success is a learning process. Here’s my profile. If you are willing to put your talents and times into any business adventure, you will find success. You achieve financial freedom when you learn from your mistakes. Never let your mistakes take away your dream.

How my experience can help you?

My financial freedom experiences have inspired me to create this website to help you avoid the costly mistakes that I had made in my attempt to start an internet business.


What I did not realize is that financial freedom requires a process. This process is known as the four steps to financial freedom. These steps include find a niche, build a niche website, ways to find online customers, and earn revenue.

MMOBlogger is designed to help you achieve your own financial freedom. This education website will show you step by step on how to start your own online business to achieve financial freedom. All of this is free.

Come and learn with me, together we can build success.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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