Miriam Adelson

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Who is Miriam Adelson?

Miriam Adelson Story

Miriam Adelson is a name that evokes a sense of admiration, respect, and curiosity. A woman of exceptional intelligence, unwavering determination, and boundless generosity, she has made a significant impact on the worlds of business and medicine.

As a wife and partner to the late Sheldon Adelson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, Miriam has played a crucial role in building and managing some of the world’s most profitable businesses. However, her contributions to society go far beyond her business acumen.

Miriam is a renowned medical researcher and an advocate for social justice and human rights. In this biography, we will explore the life and achievements of this remarkable woman, from her childhood in Israel to her career in the United States. We will discover how Miriam Adelson has become a symbol of hope, resilience, and compassion and how her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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Miriam Adelson Personal Info

Name: Miriam Adelson
DOB: October 10, 1945
Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Husband/Partner: Windower – Single
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Famous As: A prominent philanthropist and healthcare advocate, as well as the wife of billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Miriam Adelson’s Early Life

Miriam Adelson, née Farbstein, was born on October 10, 1945, in Tel Aviv, Israel. She grew up in a middle-class family with strong Zionist values and a deep sense of community involvement. Her parents, Sima and Menashe Farbstein were immigrants from Poland who had arrived in Palestine during the 1930s. Sima was a homemaker, and Menashe was a carpenter who later became a self-taught diamond cutter.

As the eldest of four siblings, Miriam had a sense of responsibility and leadership from a young age. She was a diligent student and a voracious reader, and she showed an early interest in politics and social issues. Miriam’s parents encouraged her to pursue education and career opportunities, despite the prevailing gender norms of the time.

In her teenage years, Miriam became involved in the Betar youth movement, which promoted Jewish nationalism and the creation of a Jewish state. Through Betar, Miriam met her future husband, Sheldon Adelson, who was a fellow member and a charismatic leader. Miriam and Sheldon shared a passion for Zionism and a vision for a better future for their people.

Throughout her early life, Miriam remained close to her family and her community. She was known for her kindness, generosity, and determination to make a difference in the world. These qualities would later become the hallmarks of her career in business and personal life.

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Miriam Adelson’s Education

Miriam Adelson was a gifted student who excelled in her studies and had a passion for learning. Miriam’s parents, both of whom were Holocaust survivors, instilled in her a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the value of education.

Miriam attended a public elementary school in Tel Aviv, where she was recognized for her academic achievements. She later enrolled in the prestigious Tichon Hadash high school, which specialized in science and mathematics. During her high school years, Miriam was involved in various extracurricular activities, including the Betar youth movement, where she met her future husband, Sheldon Adelson.

After graduating from high school, Miriam enrolled in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she studied microbiology and genetics. She was an active participant in campus life, joining the Zionist Youth Council and the Student Union. Miriam’s academic performance was outstanding, and she received several scholarships and awards for her achievements.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Miriam pursued a Master’s degree in social work at the Hebrew University. She specialized in addiction and substance abuse, which would become a focus of her later work as a medical researcher and clinician. Miriam’s Master’s thesis, titled “The Family and the Alcoholic: A Study of Attitudes and Beliefs,” was a groundbreaking work that explored the psychological and social factors that contribute to addiction.

Miriam continued her education in the United States, where she obtained a Ph.D. in clinical pharmacology from Rockefeller University in New York City. Her doctoral research focused on the development of new drugs to treat addiction and the neurobiology of addiction. Miriam’s Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Neuropharmacology of Cocaine and Amphetamines,” was a significant contribution to the field of addiction medicine.

Throughout her academic career, Miriam demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for knowledge. She was a lifelong learner who believed in the transformative power of education. Her academic achievements would later serve as a foundation for her successful career in business and medicine.

Miriam Adelson’s Career

Miriam Adelson’s career has been marked by a diverse range of achievements in the fields of medicine, research, business, and philanthropy. From her early days as a medical researcher to her later work as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Miriam has demonstrated a unique blend of intelligence, determination, and compassion.

After completing her Ph.D. in clinical pharmacology from Rockefeller University in 1975, Miriam began her career as a medical researcher at the Addiction Research Center of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in Baltimore, Maryland. There, she conducted groundbreaking research on the neurobiology of addiction and the development of new treatments for substance abuse. Miriam’s research focused on the effects of cocaine and amphetamines on the brain and the identification of potential therapeutic targets. Her work was highly regarded by her colleagues and peers, and it received several awards and grants from prestigious organizations.

In 1986, Miriam left NIDA to join the faculty of the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Las Vegas, where she continued her research in addiction medicine. She was appointed as an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and established the Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic at the university’s medical center. Miriam’s clinic provided state-of-the-art treatment for patients suffering from addiction and substance abuse, and it became a model for other clinics around the country.

In addition to her work as a medical researcher and clinician, Miriam also became involved in the business world. In 1988, she co-founded COMDEX, a computer trade show that became one of the largest and most successful exhibitions in the world. Miriam served as the CEO of the company, which she and her husband, Sheldon Adelson, sold to SoftBank Corporation in 1995 for $862 million.

Miriam’s success in the business world paved the way for her later endeavors in philanthropy and social activism. She and Sheldon Adelson founded the Adelson Medical Research Foundation in 2006, which supports cutting-edge research in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and addiction. They also established the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas, a private school that emphasizes Jewish education and values.

Throughout her career, Miriam has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference in the world.

Miriam Adelson’s Net Worth

Miriam Adelson has a real-time net worth of $38.2 billion as of March 30, 2023. She has accumulated her wealth through various business ventures and investments, including her co-founding of the computer trade show COMDEX, which she sold for over $800 million in the 1990s.

Miriam’s husband, Sheldon Adelson, was also a prominent figure in the business world and a billionaire in his own right. Together, the couple amassed a vast fortune, making them one of the wealthiest families in the world.

After Sheldon’s passing in January 2021, Miriam inherited a significant portion of his estate, including his stake in Las Vegas Sands, one of the largest casino and resort companies in the world. According to Forbes, Miriam’s net worth increased by $12.2 billion following her husband’s death.

Miriam’s immense wealth has allowed her to pursue her passions and interests, including her philanthropic work in the fields of medical research and education. She has used her resources to make a significant impact on the world, and her influence continues to be felt by those around her.

Miriam Adelson’s Personal Life

Miriam Adelson’s personal life is marked by her close relationship with her husband, Sheldon Adelson, who passed away in January 2021. Together, they had two children and several grandchildren.

In terms of her characteristics, Miriam is widely regarded as intelligent, determined, and compassionate. Her career in medicine and research demonstrates her expertise and commitment to improving the lives of others, while her business ventures and philanthropic work reflect her entrepreneurial spirit and generosity.

Miriam has several hobbies and interests, including painting, sculpture, and gardening. She has a passion for the arts and has been involved in supporting cultural organizations and events in Las Vegas, where she resides.

In terms of her personality, Miriam is described as a warm and approachable individual who is deeply committed to her values and beliefs. She is also recognized as a strong and independent woman who has made a significant impact on the world through her various pursuits.

Miriam Adelson Parents

Miriam Adelson’s parents were both Jewish immigrants who came to the United States in the early 20th century. Her father, Simha Farbstein, was born in Poland in 1912 and immigrated to the United States in 1920. Her mother, a Russian Jewish immigrant named Irene, was born in 1913 and came to the United States in 1921.

Miriam’s parents settled in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, where they raised their family. Simha worked as a tailor, while Irene was a homemaker. They were both deeply committed to their Jewish heritage and passed on their traditions and values to their children.

Miriam has spoken publicly about the importance of her parents in shaping her identity and worldview. She has described her father as a hard-working and determined individual who instilled in her a strong sense of discipline and perseverance. She has also praised her mother’s kindness and generosity, noting that her mother was always willing to help others in need.

Despite their modest means, Miriam’s parents placed a high value on education and encouraged their children to pursue academic and professional success. Miriam has spoken about her journey to becoming a medical researcher and entrepreneur, noting that her parent’s support and guidance were instrumental in her achieving her goals.

Miriam Adelson Siblings

Miriam Adelson had four siblings, three brothers, and one sister. Her siblings are:

Aaron Farbstein

Aaron was the oldest of five siblings and was born in 1934. He was a practicing attorney in New York City and was known for his work on behalf of civil liberties and human rights. Aaron passed away in 2014 at the age of 80.

Elliot Farbstein

Elliot was born in 1936 and was the second oldest of the siblings. He was a successful businessman and served as the CEO of several companies throughout his career. Elliot passed away in 2016 at the age of 80.

Allen Farbstein

Allen was born in 1940 and was the third oldest of the siblings. He worked in the insurance industry and was known for his expertise in risk management. Allen passed away in 2017 at the age of 77.

Roslyn Farbstein

Roslyn was born in 1945 and was the youngest of the siblings. She was a teacher and educator, known for her commitment to helping children with learning disabilities. Roslyn passed away in 1995 at the age of 50.

Despite their different paths and pursuits in life, Miriam maintained close relationships with her siblings throughout her life. She has spoken publicly about the importance of family and the role her siblings played in shaping her worldview and values.

Miriam Adelson’s Husband (Partner)

Miriam Adelson Biograph

Miriam Adelson was married to Sheldon Adelson, a businessman and entrepreneur who was known for his work in the casino and hospitality industries. The couple met in 1988 and were married in 1991. They had two children together, Adam and Matan, and several grandchildren.

The couple was known for their close relationship and their shared passion for philanthropy and social causes. Together, they established the Adelson Foundation, which supports a wide range of charitable organizations and initiatives around the world.

In addition to their philanthropic pursuits, the Adelsons were also deeply involved in politics. They were major donors to conservative political causes and candidates in the United States, and they were known for their close ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite Sheldon’s passing in January 2021, Miriam continues to carry on their legacy and remains involved in various charitable and political endeavors. She has spoken publicly about the importance of her family and her commitment to continuing the work she and Sheldon started together.

Miriam Adelson Children

Miriam Adelson has two children, Adam and Matan Adelson.

Adam Adelson

Adam was born in 1985 and is the older of Miriam and Sheldon Adelson’s two children. He studied at Yale University and later earned a law degree from the University of Southern California. Adam is known for his philanthropic work and has served as a trustee of the Adelson Foundation, which supports a wide range of charitable causes around the world.

Matan Adelson

Matan was born in 1993 and is the younger of Miriam and Sheldon Adelson’s two children. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and later earned a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University. Matan is pursuing his own entrepreneurial ventures and is known for his work in the tech industry.

Both of Miriam’s children have been active in their parents’ philanthropic and political pursuits. They have inherited their parents’ dedication to giving back and making a difference in the world.

Miriam Adelson Biograph

Miriam Adelson’s Challenges and Obstacles

Throughout her life, Miriam Adelson has faced several challenges and obstacles.

  • In the late 1980s, Miriam was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy and other treatments and was able to overcome the disease. She has since become an advocate for breast cancer awareness and research, and she has supported several organizations that work to combat the disease.
  • Miriam has experienced several family tragedies throughout her life. Her sister Roslyn passed away at a young age, and her brothers Aaron, Elliot, and Allen all passed away in the years leading up to Sheldon’s death in 2021. These losses have undoubtedly been difficult for Miriam, but she has continued to persevere and remain committed to her philanthropic work.
  • Miriam and her husband Sheldon were known for their conservative political views and their support of Republican candidates in the United States. As a result, they faced criticism and opposition from some members of the public and the media. However, Miriam and Sheldon remained steadfast in their beliefs and continued to support the causes and candidates they believed in.
  • Miriam has spoken publicly about the challenges she faced as a woman in the male-dominated tech industry. She has noted that she often had to work harder than her male counterparts to earn respect and recognition, but that she was ultimately able to succeed thanks to her determination and work ethic.

Despite these challenges and obstacles, Miriam Adelson has remained committed to her goals and passions.

Miriam Adelson Accomplishments

Miriam Adelson has accomplished a great deal throughout her life, particularly in the areas of healthcare and social activism.

  1. Miriam and her husband Sheldon Adelson have been major philanthropists for many years, supporting a wide range of causes and organizations around the world. Their charitable giving has focused on areas such as medical research, education, Jewish causes, and support for Israel.
  2. Miriam is particularly passionate about medical research. She has supported several organizations and initiatives in this field. She is a founding donor of Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation, which funds research into the underlying causes of cancer and other diseases. She has also supported other medical research institutions, such as the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel.
  3. In addition to supporting medical research, Miriam has also worked to improve healthcare access and quality for people around the world. She has been involved in several initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes for underserved populations. She has been a vocal advocate for breast cancer awareness and early detection.
  4. Miriam has had a successful career in the business world, particularly in the areas of drug addiction treatment and technology. She co-founded the drug addiction treatment center, Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Clinic, in Tel Aviv, which has helped thousands of people overcome addiction. She also co-founded several technology companies, including the Israeli computer software company Compugen and the internet provider NetVision.

Miriam Adelson has accomplished a great deal throughout her life. She has made a significant impact in many different areas. Her dedication to healthcare and social activism has inspired others to get involved and make a difference in their communities.

Miriam Adelson Recognition and Awards

Miriam Adelson has received numerous awards and honors throughout her life in recognition of her philanthropic work, healthcare advocacy, and other achievements.

  • Miriam and Sheldon Adelson have been named to the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America several times over the years.
  • In 2019, Miriam Adelson was named to the Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world for her philanthropic work and support of medical research.
  • In 2018, Miriam Adelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump for her philanthropic work and support of medical research.
  • In 2014, Miriam Adelson received the Women of Valor Award from the Jewish Outreach Institute for her leadership and advocacy on behalf of Jewish causes.
  • Miriam Adelson was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2008 in recognition of her contributions to medicine and philanthropy.
  • Miriam Adelson was awarded the Guardian of the Human Spirit Award by the Holocaust Museum Houston in 2008 for her work in support of Jewish education and culture.
  • In 2006, Miriam Adelson and her husband Sheldon were jointly awarded the Israel Prize for Medicine, the highest honor awarded by the State of Israel, for their contributions to medical research and philanthropy.

Miriam Adelson’s life is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to make a positive impact in the world. As we look back on Miriam Adelson’s life, we can’t help but feel inspired by her achievements and motivated to follow in her footsteps.

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