Kathrin Zenkina

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Who is Kathrin Zenkina?

Kathrin Zenkina - Kathrin Zenkina Biography

Meet Kathrin Zenkina, coach and CEO of the multi-million dollar brand Manifestation Babe.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Zenkina is that at the age of 26, she’s already a self-made multi-millionaire.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, in the summer of 2015, Kathrin Zenkina attended a live event called “Unleash The Power Within” by Tony Robbins.

As Zenkina sat in the seminar, she asked herself, “Who are you living for, Kathrin?”

The answer finally came to her. She was on a path that represented the American dream to her family. It wasn’t her dream.

Kathrin Zenkina decided to break free from pursuing the family dream and tell them that she is not going to medical school.

So, Kathrin Zenkina took a massive risk: she set out to discover what it meant to create her own version of success.

That weekend after the seminar, Kathrin broke up with her boyfriend of six years. She flew to Los Angeles because that’s where she wanted to live.

Kathrin Zenkina was all in. She decided to swipe $15,000 from her credit card to invest in private coaching and more personal growth seminars.

However, Kathrin quickly lost passion for the online fitness business that she started chasing her out-of-the-box dreams. She lost her online business and was $25,000 in debt.

Kathrin couldn’t afford LA rent, so she moved in with her grandmother and slept on the couch. She reluctantly picked up a 9-5 job working for $15 an hour as a receptionist to repay the loan.

Then one night, while scrolling through Instagram, Kathrin Zenkina found a post with a Tony Robbins quote that said: “Live as though your prayers have already been answered.”

That night, Kathrin committed to turning her life around. She decided to live every single day as if her success was inevitable.

For the next 12 months, Kathrin spent at least two hours a day soaking up everything from thought leaders such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill. She learned to rewire her brain to experience success.

Kathrin Zenkina started an Instagram account and a private Facebook group called Manifestation Babe. It was a place to hold herself accountable for this new goal. She shared her thoughts, insights, breakthroughs, and “aha” moments with her followers.

As Kathrin manifested the things that she desired in her life, people asked her to teach them. She began sharing with them the most powerful mindset and manifestation tricks to help transform their life.

Within three years, the Manifestation Babe community grew over 200,000 followers.

Kathrin Zenkina starts creating products and services to serve her followers’ needs. She offers private coaching packages, group coaching programs, digital courses, and workbooks to sell on Amazon.

By 2017, her product suite grew to tenth different services leading to a $600,000 income per year.

Kathrin has turned Manifestation Babe into a coaching empire, making her the #1 Amazon best-selling author, host of a top 100 podcast in the Health & Self-Help category, and a leader to an online community of over 200,000 millennial women.

Manifestation Babe is a multi-million dollar brand.

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Kathrin Zenkina Personal Info

Name: Kathrin Zenkina
DOB: born on October 15, 1992
Birth Place: Ukraine, Russia
Education: University of Washington
Partner: Brennan King O’Keefe
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Famous As: Founder of Manifestation Babe.

Kathrin Zenkina Net Worth

Kathrin Zenkina estimated net worth is approximately $4.8 million. We use resources from Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, and her yearly income of $600,000 to determine her net worth.

Today, the Manifestation Babe brand offers tenth different services to a community of over 200,000 followers.

As her empire grows, the net worth of Kathrin Zenkina will rise steadily.

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Kathrin Zenkina Childhood Life

In 1993, Kathrin Zenkina and her family fled the Ukrainian for Los Angeles, California.

The family of five started a new life in a brand new country with less than $900.

The lack of financial security, stability, and language barrier pressured her parents to work extremely hard to provide for the family. They had little money, and her parents fought all the time. The financial struggle led to their divorce when Kathrin was seven years old.

Kathrin Zenkina turned to food for comfort. It was the only way for her to cope with reality.

She had no friends at school and was more than 30 lbs overweight due to the suffocating stress. She was severely bullied from elementary school to high school for being overweight and painfully shy.

Kathrin spent a lot of time daydreaming instead of paying attention in class.

Teachers would constantly mark down on her report card for staring out the window and daydreaming.

Kathrin often dreams of her family winning the lottery, a popular boy at school finally liking her, and a magic fairy to ‘poof’ her overweight body back into shape to stop the bullying.

This mentality carried Kathrin through middle school until she discovered the book, The Secret. Then things quickly changed.

“The Secret” introduced Kathrin Zenkina to manifestation. It was the very first time in her life that she realized she could control her reality just by changing her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Kathrin Zenkina says, “My mind was my favorite place to go when life felt unfair.” Little did she know that this was the superpower that makes her a millionaire today.

Kathrin Zenkina Family

Kathrin Zenkina loves to introduce her family by telling the story of the mafia chasing them out of Ukraine in the middle of the night.

Her parents fled to Los Angeles, California, where their family members had already immigrated to years before.

Kathrin and her parents came to America with just $900 to their name. Her parent had to work extremely hard to support a family of five.

They had no money, so her parents fought all the time.

The financial hardship led to an ugly divorce between her parents when she was seven years old.

Kathrin Zenkina ended up spending a part of her life on her grandparent’s couch.

Kathrin Zenkina Husband (Partner)

Kathrin Zenkina married Brennan King O’Keefe on the 31st of December 2018.

Brennan King O’Keefe is working with Kathrin to grow their Manifestation Babe brand.

There is very little information about this man online.

Please, check back often for an update.

Kathrin Zenkina Accomplishments

  • In 2016, Kathrin Zenkina created Manifestation Babe, a Facebook community of over 200,000 people that generates $600,000 income each year.
  • In 2017 Kathrin published two books:
  • o “She’s Killing’ It: The Ultimate 21-day Journal for Manifesting a Kickass Life,” and
  • o “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days.”

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  • Kathrin Zenkina was named the #1 Amazon best-selling author.
  • In 2020, Kathrin Zenkina launched two premier programs: Manifestation Babe Academy & Rich Babe Academy.
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