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Who is Dan Henry?

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Dan Henry started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009.

Fed up with his unfulfilling life working as a pizza delivery boy, Dan started searching for opportunities to become a successful entrepreneur.

Dan spent the next several years trying different business ideas hoping to achieve financial success.

He tried the Italian ice cart business traveling with a carnival, selling cotton candy, and even airbrush tattoos at birthday parties. But, he was barely making enough to pay the bills.

Then, Dan Henry noticed stories of young millionaires who were making it big with internet marketing. He decided to try an online business.

Over the next two years, Dan devoured everything I could to learn Digital Marketing. His first online business was affiliate marketing, a niche blog on electronic cigarettes.

In just 14 months, Dan Henry took the blog from zero to $30,000 per month in profits. Dan became somewhat successful. He developed several skills as an entrepreneur, learned digital marketing, and acquired online sales skills. Things were generally looking up.

Then the unthinkable happened, Google updated its SEO algorithms. It caused the blog to crash, and his earnings started to plummet.

Dan had to start over. He decided to switch paths to brick-and-mortar businesses. He bought a derelict nightclub to remodel and flip it for profit.

Using his digital marketing skills, Dan Henry prompted the nightclub online to find customers. But this time, he abandoned the SEO for Facebook advertising.

Dan was able to fill the nightclub with sales skyrocketing.

He ended up flipping the nightclub for a profit.

Dan Henry then invested all the profit from the sale of the nightclub into a new business, T-Shirt Press Company. He used his internet marketing skills to become the top T-Shirt seller on Amazon. This little success did not last long.

The $30,000 T-Shirt press machine broke. Unable to come up with cash to fix the machine, Dan had to sell it for parts. He lost it all.

Things got so bad that Dan Henry had to sell water bottles on the side of the road to pay the bills. In desperation, his wife suggested he offer digital marketing to business owners as a service.

Dan began by offering free internet marketing services in exchange for testimonials.

In the first month, Dan Henry made $10,000 with his Facebook Ad Agency.

Within five months, Dan hit $1 million in sales. A simple service idea quickly grew into $15 million in sales.

Recognizing his talent for digital marketing, Dan decided to do the same, running Facebook Ad agencies.

And that’s how Dan Henry GetClients.com was born.

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Dan Henry Personal Info

Name: Dan Henry
DOB: July 03, 1986
Birth Place: Spring Hill, Florida, USA
Education: College
Partner: Alice Dee Gonzales
Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
Famous As: Founder of GetClients and author of the Digital Millionaire Secrets

Dan Henry Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Dan Henry is more or less than $15 million. We calculated his net worth by using various resources available online.

Yes, Dan Henry is another internet millionaire. His net worth is still growing every day. He went from living in broke to debt-free and buying a dream home, an 8,000 square-foot house on the water.

Dan Henry said, ‘I went from worrying about affording healthcare to easily paying out of pocket for heart surgery that insurance wouldn’t cover, potentially saving my life.’

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Dan Henry Childhood Life

Growing up in the small town of Spring Hill, Florida, Dan knew two things: he wanted to get out of Spring Hill, and he wanted to achieve something great.

Dan Henry started working as a pizza delivery boy at age 16.

In his early 20’s, he dedicated most of his time honing his skills as a guitarist and delivering pizza to pay his way through college.

Once Dan got out of college, he set his sights on bigger dreams. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he couldn’t settle on one single business idea.

Dan Henry spent the next seven years doing the same daily routine. Get up, research how to be a successful entrepreneur. Go to work delivering pizza. Come home, wash the grease smell off, play music. Repeat.

Eventually, Dan got fed up with delivering pizza. He quit and decided to start his own online business.

Dan Henry Family

Dan Henry Parents

Dany Henry often mentions his mother but has never talked about his father.

His month was the one who took care of Dan when he was young. She always gave him money and supported him in pursuing his dreams.

Dan said, ‘Every son wants to take care of his mother.’ So, he decided to pay all her bills and buy her a house with his success.

Dan Henry Wife (Partner)

Dan Henry married his ex-wife, Hilal Sezen Köse, on February 1, 2017, after meeting her on a dating app.

When Dan met Hilal, she was preparing for the Bar exam to get her US attorney license.

Halil supported Dan through his struggle to achieve success. She took a job at a local Turkish restaurant to help him pay the bills.

The couple has a son. Sadly, the marriage ended. Dan Henry and his wife divorced in 2019.

Dan is now dating his assistant Alice Dee Gonzales.

Dan Henry Children

Dan Henry Son - Dan Henry GetClients.com- Dan Henry Biography

Dan Henry has a son. His name is Bruce Henry.

Bruce was born on May 18. 2018.

When Bruce Henry was born, he had a rough time coming into this world. He spent two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Dan Henry sat by his hospital bed the entire time, praying the kid would be ok.

Bruce survives. He is now a healthy and happy boy.

Dan Henry Accomplishments

  • In 2011 Dan Henry launched his first affiliate marketing business and grew it from zero to $30,000 per month.
  • Dan bought a rundown nightclub, renovated, promoted with Facebook ads, and flipped for profits.
  • In 2017 Dan created the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course to show others how to build a Facebook Ads Agency.
  • Dan Henry received his first 2 ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Awards in 2017.
  • On July 28th, 2020, Dan Henry Published his first book, ‘Digital Millionaire Secrets: How I Built an 8-Figure Business Selling My Knowledge Online.’
  • Dan launched a Facebook Ads Coaching program, GetClients.com, in 2021 to online entrepreneurs the processing of building an 8-figure online business.

That’s Dan Henry Bio.

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